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Be an Independent Representative – full-time or part-time

Who doesn’t want more variety in their job? According to various research studies, around two-thirds of employees only work to rule: strict hierarchies, too little recognition for their own performance or bureaucratic processes – the list of motivation-killers is never-ending.

At the same time, the general admiration for the entrepreneurship scene is growing: raising a real start-up, being your own boss, realising your dreams – for many the epitome of professional fulfilment. Despite this, far too many people are left with their dreams unrealised: they don’t have the right business idea, they lack capital or courage.

There is a much easier way to become an entrepreneur: without having to laboriously develop your own product or raise capital. QN Europe provides talents with a readily available complete starter kit for the way to self-employment. All you need to get to your goal is the will and determination to tackle it.

“Is QN Europe a business model for me?”

People who are dealing with the option of having their own business have many questions. We have honest and clearly-formulated answers – for example on our FAQ page. However, we can give this to anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur in the network:

  • You get the freedom to build and shape your own business
  • You can start it as a sideline – and expand your business parallel to your success curve
  • You don’t need to bring anything: at QN Europe you can build on an already-introduced portfolio of exclusive products
  • You’ll earn what you deserve: performance-related pay – absolutely equal for men and women – is a matter of course at QN Europe
  • You alone determine the path: your working hours, your commitment, your priorities and your goals
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel: take the opportunity to take off with a business plan which has proven itself thousands of times over – and benefit from the experience and knowledge of other entrepreneurs in your network.
  • We build on you: regular training and tailor-made business tools help you to become successful and remain successful in the long term.
  • You have a globally-successful company behind you which values and supports you as a partner.

Save yourself the rest
Unlike other founders, you only need to use your power as foundation capital at QN EUROPE. You can save yourself:

  • investments in inventory and goods
  • investments in expensive product development
  • expensive leases
  • alarmingly high start-up and marketing costs
  • high running costs
  • acquisition of experience in sales
  • costs and expenses for shipping logistics and warehousing
  • staff costs
  • expenses for training