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A better world begins – with you!

Just saving the world – obviously even we can’t do that. But we help hundreds of thousands of people around the world to take the important first step for themselves and their communities: starting with themselves. Because we are convinced that a better world begins with each and every one of us.

We at QN Europe want to do our bit by helping others to realise their potential and achieve their goals by opening up entrepreneurial opportunities and offering products of the highest quality. By selling products which we believe are beneficial to the health and well-being of our customers. And by making a positive contribution to our global society through our initiatives and social commitment. We see all this as our mission.

We are supported in this by the anchoring of our four core values:

Service: In our daily work we are dedicated to serving others.

Teamwork: We are many and we are different, but we all work as ONE TEAM for a common goal. To achieve the best result for the benefit of all.

Integrity: We attach great importance to the integrity of our business partners and their activities; sincerity and mutual respect characterise all our relationships – with customers, partners and third parties.

Result: In our business activities, as in our social commitment, we always strive for the best overall result for all parties involved – not for the greatest benefit for just one person which may possibly harm someone else. The protection of our natural resources also plays an important role in this equation for QN Europe.

In concrete terms, this means, for example, that our customers and business partners make an important difference with every purchase: as part of our “Making A Difference” campaign, a fixed percentage of our turnover goes to the RYTHM Foundation. It supports sustainable development programmes and charitable initiatives worldwide – with your help and the commitment of each of our distributors, too. Our vision is to continue to expand this commitment and make further positive contributions to the development of individuals and entire societies.