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Part of a worldwide network

MLM, direct sales, network marketing – there are many terms for what we do. And there are many inaccurate images in your head of what this business model actually stands for. First of all: if you dream of a relaxed nine-to-five desk job with a company pension at the age of 60 and afternoons on the works council, you are probably looking in the wrong place. But we don’t promise our business partners that either.

What we can promise you is:

  • The freedom to choose the place, time and team with which you want to work
  • Development and design opportunities which are open to anyone who would like to roll up their sleeves and start building their own livelihood with fun, energy and hard work
  • A productive environment with exclusive products and a huge market full of opportunities
  • An attractive income with no upper limit and the level of which you can determine yourself through your engagement
  • Fun in a varied activity by, with and for enthusiastic people who inspire each other
  • The chance to go your own way, be your own boss and consistently align your life with your personal goals – instead of the agenda and profits of an employer

AND NO: Direct selling has nothing to do with snowballs or pyramids. And we can prove it. We are happy to answer these and other frequently asked questions about our business model in detail and transparently in our FAQs.

Direct selling or network marketing is a special, particularly efficient form of retail with high-quality, exclusive products and services. The special feature is that the products are sold by independent representatives instead of through wholesalers and retailers. The high sales margins which are consumed by “standard” products, including costly advertising, marketing, shop rentals and middlemen, are passed on directly to the sales partners in the form of commissions. Distributors are therefore remunerated on the basis of sales and thus on the basis of performance.

The sales partners are not lone warriors either: they benefit from QN Europe’s product development, marketing support and the know-how of the global entrepreneurial community. This is how you experience network marketing in a global dimension at QN Europe!

To help you understand the experiences of our independent representatives, and the many benefits of the products and business of QN Europe we feature stories and information articles on our blog regularly. Visit us there or meet us at one of our events!