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BeautyQ-Smile – The Qure for your Smile

Buy Now Q-Smile – The Qure for your Smile

Cosmetic tooth whitening for use at home

With Q-Smile you can secure yourself a cost-effective alternative to lighten the teeth sustainably, without pain and without sacrificing quality.

The Q-Smile Set, with the smileZERO® Gel “Made in Germany” (<0.1% peroxide), meets the strict EU guidelines, is safe, has no side effects and is easy to use.

Unlike other manufacturers, you also get the exclusive Q-Smile whitening foam, which completes the teeth whitening cure. This can be used from the first week of treatment with the gel. It brightens the tooth and gives it not only a natural white, but at the same time a temporary protective film and can thus protect against slight discoloration.

The advantages of Q-Smile:

  • High quality standard due to the smileZERO® gel “Made in Germany”
  • Affordable and fast application from the comfort of your home
  • Safe use, no side effects & no pain
  • Enamel and gums remain untouched, thereby the tooth substance is not damaged
  • No battery change required

General Information

It is recommended that you have your teeth professionally cleaned before use! Please discontinue use if pain or irritation occurs. Do not eat and/or drink anything for one hour after use – but you can drink water! Do not smoke and avoid foods that tend to stain for 12 hours after use. The gel releases <0.1% peroxide. Do not swallow the gel and avoid contact with the eyes. Do not partake in treatment if you are under the age of 16, pregnant, breastfeeding, undergoing chemotherapy or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.