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HomePure nova: Pure water is the source of life

Clean, pure, life-giving water is indispensable for our survival and intact health. This is now increasingly understood also in the developed world, where a huge range of soft drinks has rivaled the most natural of all thirst quenchers for many years: Meanwhile, the trend is clearly back to water as the most popular beverage.

With HomePure nova the enjoyment of pure water is even more pleasant: our product innovation is simply installed, sustainable and with high-quality 9-fold filtration even more effective!

HomePure Nova Water Filtration is the best system in its class for daily home use as it uses Ultrafiltration (UF) as the primary filtration method.

HomePure Nova‘s main advantages:

  • Always clean, filtered and tasty drinking water at hand
  • Saves energy: No power is required to operate the device
  • Enjoy drinking water comfortably and with a user-friendly and modern design
  • Certified for NSF / ANSI 42 and NSF / ANSI 53

Technical Data/Specifications

Dimensions 16.43 (b) x 16.43 (d) x 55.0 (h) cm, base diameter 20,34 cm
Type of installation kitchen worktop
Body material ABS thermoplastic resin
Max. operating pressure 4 Bar
Min. operating pressure 1 Bar
Max. operating temperature 35 °C
Min. operating temperature 4 °C
Flow behaviour 2.0 litres per minute at 1 bar water pressure, with new filter medium (actual flow rate depending on water pressure and operating time* of filter)
Service commitment this filter was developed to cover the cooking and drinking water demand of a family either for twelve months or for 5.000 litres.

*The life cycle of this filter depends on the quality of water and bases on a daily consumption of 12 liters.