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Reactivate Your Body 90-Day Challenge

Live the Life you Deserve, Change a Life in the Process!

Start the 90-Day Reactivate Your Body Challenge today and:

  • Feel better with your body
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve lives of people in the community

How Do You Participate in the 90-Day Reactivate Your Body Challenge?

  • Post a picture of you with your Reactivate Your Body Set on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #90days4bhb
  • Start by using the Reactivate Your Body Set on daily basis for 90 days
  • Put on your exercise shoes and get moving every day!
  • Post daily on Facebook or Instagram a picture of you exercising with the hashtag #90days4bhb and QN Europe will donate €1 per post to the BHB – a charity based near to the QNEurope European Headquarters.

Who is the BHB?

The “Behindertenhilfe Bergstrasse” facilitates the integration of people with disabilities in society. By smoothing the way for children, youths, adults, families and pensioners, the BHB covers the areas of work, living, education and training, hobbies and culture.

All You Need to Know About the Reactivate Your Body Set from LifeQode

The set includes:

  • Sun & Moon (3 sets)
  • phytoQlean
  • Qburst


Sun, which was developed by our scientists in Germany, gives you a great start to the day. This refreshing and delicious drink, with all-natural vitamins and antioxidants, activates trillions of your cells and provides them with energy throughout the day.


Moon enhances the quality of your sleep and supplies your cells with the nutrients and minerals they need to regenerate your body after a busy day. A restful night’s sleep can also help your body continuously strengthen its immune system.


phytoQlean is a natural detox product which you take for 30 days to help your body rid itself of  unwanted substances. phytoQlean helps purify your body and activate your metabolism by improving your digestive system which can also to lead to weight loss.


Drink Qburst 30 minutes before exercising and immediately feel the difference. The energy boost improves your performance, making you feel motivated! Qburst releases energy to fuel your strength and endurance training to help you improve steadily.


When Do I Use the Reactivate Your Body Set from LifeQode?

First 30 Days:

  • Sun in the morning
  • phytoQlean immediately after breakfast
  • Qburst 30 min before exercising.
  • Moon an hour before going to sleep

Your body is now in the preparation phase.

 Next 30 Days

  • Sun in the morning
  • Qburst 30 min before exercising
  • Moon an hour before going to sleep

You can feel the benefits of phytoQlean as your body is purified. Sun and Moon has reactivated your body and you feel an improvement in your energy levels.

Last 30 Days

  • Sun in the morning
  • Q Burst 30 min before exercising
  • Moon an hour before going to sleep


Your body is now fully reactivated and energised!

Be good to your body while helping others with our 90 Day Reactivate Your Body Challenge!

To find out more please email us on [email protected] or call us on +49 (6251) 98916-40. We look forward to hearing from you!

Small Print: Posts on Facebook or Instagram with the Hashtag #90days4bhb until Oct. 31st will be counted. Max one post per day per participant will be counted. €1 per legitimate post will be donated to BHB.