Official European Direct Sales Partner of Manchester City since 2018

This team not only plays a crucial role at the top of the Premier League - Manchester City is one of Europe's top clubs and recently won over former FC Bayern coach Pep Guardiola.

Sporting and business excellence attract: in 2018, QN Europe became sponsor of Manchester City. The partnership offers the QN Europe various branding opportunities and thereby strengthens the brand.

With their dedication, fairness and - above all else - strong team spirit, Manchester City made it all the way to the top of the Premier League. The team's journey to the sought-after title was characterised by concentration on the desired goal, the will to give everything to achieve it and the willingness to consistently pull together to do so - values, which also play a decisive role in distribution. A business where lasting success depends on each business partner seeing themselves as a team player, motivated and forward-focused to work towards common goals. Manchester City, in turn, has always valued strong, long-term relationships with communities around the world throughout its long and proud history - another commonality to QN Europe's ambition to network globally and contribute to positive change in its partners' communities.

Jérôme Hoerth, General Manager of QN Europe, said he was proud to be supporting such a prominent and successful club as Manchester City. "ManCity has enthusiastic fans all over Europe. Given our own expansion plans, this cooperation forges an important relationship for us."

Tom Glick, Chief Commercial Officer of City Football Group, said he was delighted to extend the already very successful partnership with their existing partner QNET and to have QN Europe as a sponsor: "We are delighted to be associated with QN Europe in this partnership and that both sides have the opportunity to work together through soccer."