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Products for life: This is QN Europe

Someone who chooses direct sales as a career option naturally has several choices: you can spend your day with vacuum cleaners, practical kitchen aids or versatile cleaning products. But don’t you quickly end up back in the same rut which you actually wanted to put behind you?

Why start with QN Europe?

There are many good reasons and convincing arguments for this. We have already mentioned many of them. But one of the most important points is the question: do I want to make “selling something” my profession – or do I decide simply to stop working and use my energy only to inspire other people for things that I enjoy?

Of course, this presupposes that your business model or the company with which you implement it offers you this freedom. Like QN Europe. Our broad product range offers something for everyone – and with the right product at hand, sales becomes a pleasure.

Do you think that’s an exaggeration?

When was the last time you bought something which completely inspired you? Do you remember the moment you took it in your hand and tried it for the first time? Did you put it in the cupboard and not talk about it – or did you go and tell your friends, your family, your colleagues about it? Described it with joy and perhaps even presented it proudly?

It’s very simple: if we like a product and are convinced by it, we will become its ambassador all by ourselves – and infect others with our enthusiasm; we wouldn’t really call it “work”. With QN Europe, you can make this passion your profession. And perhaps discover that you have found your calling.

To constantly inspire you with new, high-quality and exclusive products, our product scouts are tirelessly on the road throughout Europe and around the world. With high standards of quality and a trained nose for market trends and sales opportunities. Our portfolio is constantly growing and is regularly evaluated: we determine the “winners” and the “flops”, react at short notice and ensure that you can always win over your customers with new products and attractive private labels.

Of course we do the work – product development, branding and marketing – for you. You will be spoilt for choice when putting together your personal portfolio: exclusive products for a cosy home, for family and leisure, for the health of active people or for high aesthetic and representative standards. As a distributor of QN EUROPE, you are free to choose the products which really inspire you and which you would like to recommend to other people.

Immerse yourself in our diverse product world – and let us inspire you